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ALI USB VirtualNetwork/SuperLink drivers 1.20d

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Jul 10, 2012
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ALI USB VirtualNetwork/SuperLink drivers 1.20d Reviews - by Softmenu Drivers Editor

ALI USB VirtualNetwork/SuperLink drivers is a driver for computer's Motherboard. With the latest version of ALI USB VirtualNetwork/SuperLink drivers, you can have your PC worked correctly or better.


Driver Description - by Publisher

Drivers Description, released by ALi. please read it carefully before you download.

Full Drivers Description see below:

Subject: M5632 (USB2.0 Host Link) Software PackageDescription: Release M5632 Software Package Version 1.20 D 1: SuperLink revised a bug of paste. Version features See Change History for detail.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Change History:Version: 1.20 DDate : March,10, 2003 1: SuperLink revised a bug of paste.Version: 1.20 CDate : March,09, 2003 1: SuperLink revised a bug of NoAll. 2: SuperLink revised copyright.Version: 1.20 BDate : March,07, 2003 1: SuperLink and VirtualNetwork driver solve the connection issue of notebooks installed TI and Ricoh cardbus. 2: SuperLink remove a issue of time out when copying files. 3: SuperLink remove a bug when cut and paste. 4: SuperLink and Installer Support Japanese language.Version: 1.20 A1Date : March,06, 2003 1:Superlink removed the bug of Cancel. 2:Installer revised something about reboot. 3:When install microsoft bus driver based on TI cardbus, sending vendor command will cause system to crash.SuperLink and VirtualNetwork driver of this version solves this problem.Version: 1.20 ADate : March,05, 2003 1:VirtualNetwork Revised boot bug under Windows 98SE/Me (TP0213) 2:VirtualNetwork Added Bridge function under Windows 2000 3:VirtualNetwork Added a Bridge switch/uninstall tool BridgeSwitch.exe 4:Installer supports muti-language(English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese). 5:Installer added the function of to bind the protocol of "File and Printer Sharing" automatically. 6:Superlink supports muti-language(English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese). 7.Superlink removed some connect timeout problem 8.Superlink added sort function in ListView 9.Superlink removed some display and mouse move bug 10.Superlink uses move function when cut and paste files in same disk. 11.Superlink removed delete dialog when cut and paste file. 12.Superlink Removed a bug when copy folder. 13.Superlink Remove one bug about connection. 14.When install microsoft bus driver based on TI cardbus, sending vendor command will cause system to crash.SuperLink and VirtualNetwork driver of this version solves this problem.Version: 1.10 ADate : Feb,15, 2003 1:Enhanced SuperLink.exe to improve performance 2:Added the function of binding NETBEUI and TCPIP protocol when install VirtualNetwork. 3:Revised the bug of clicking setup.exe fast more than once (TP0214) 4:Revised the bug of setup under windows 98 setup will show a error message(TP0219)Version 1.08 C:Date : Jan 23, 2003 1:Enhanced SpuerLink to suspend from and resume to S3. 2:Add the property page of VirtualNetwork,Let user to select the frame size mode of VirtualNetwork.If FTP speed isslow,user can change the frame size mode from "turbo mode" to "standard mode". 3:Revised the installer to support only one product. If delete the VirtualNetwork sub-folder,installer will skip the 1st page of selection,goto the install pageof SuperLink directly. If delete the SuperLink sub-folder,installer will skip the 1st page of selection,goto the install page ofVirtualNetwork directly. 4:Revise the bug of installer under windows 98/Me that after installed the VirtualNetwork,there will be a unusefull "USB Virtual Network Adaper" added to the property page of network neighbor's adapter list.This version's installer deleted this idle device from the property page. 5:Replace Vendor.BMP by the new Vendor.BMP.Version 1.08 B:Date : Jan 20, 2003 1:Revised SpuerLink to suspend from and resume to S3. 2:Revised the dispaly bug of installer under big fontVersion 1.08 A:Date : Jan 16, 2003 1:Revised VirtualNetwork to suspend from and resume to S3.Version 1.08:Date : Jan 16, 2003 1:SpuerLink.exe supports Unicode version. 2:Revised install to install two versions superLink.exe (UNICODE and ANSI)Version 1.07:Date : Jan 13, 2003 1:Update 5633.bin of version 1.04 2:Revised a bug about installer when user specifies a error path to install. 3:Backward compatibility with the installer after 1.02 version. 4:Revised the Ulink.infVersion 1.06:Date : Jan 7, 2002 1:Added the notify FW mechanism when suspend and reset interrupt pipe mechanism when resume in VirtualNetwork. 2:Revised Ulink driver also in above aspect. 3:Resolve error: "Can't read" shows up when the selected file has been opened by other application or is running of superlink.exe. 4:Resolve error: In copying file from remote to remote, if user cancels the operation, the system will halt of superlink.exe. 5:Ameliorated Suspend / resume issue of superlink.exe and ulink.sys. 6:Tuned up FTP transfer rate for VirtualNetwork.Version 1.05:Date : Dec 31, 2002 1. Ameliorate timeout problem 2. vendor.bmp's width*height ration is set as 10:7 3. some other improvement of installerVersion 1.04:Date : Dec 31, 2002 1. Revised the bug of installer when files are set read-only.Version 1.03:Date : Dec 26, 2002 1. Revised one bug of installer when when user delete the "SuperLink" directory to run setup.exe, and run setupagain at start->program->USB VirtualNetwork>setup.exe.Version 1.02:Date : Dec 26, 2002 1:Changed readme.txt 2:Changed install exe file into single setup.exe. 3:Revised the superlink shortcut folder name from "SuperLink"to "USB SuperLink"Version 1.01:Date : Dec 24, 2002 1:ticker revised some bugs of superlink.exe 2:add the shortcut and folder of ulan 3:place all the other files of install to the "Share" folder,except 2 install executable files. 4:avoid the digital signature dialog during install executable file running process under windows 2K.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Setup Configuration:The Setup utility is configurable to provide manufacturers flexibility for satisfyingdifferent marketing requirements. Here are configurable items1.How to configure Setup utility as single solution or combo solution? M5632 USB Host Link supports dual software solutions, "USB Super Link" and "USB Virtual Network". Each software solution can be easily disabled by removing the related sub-directory, that is, manufacturers can flexibly make their own Software Package as desired, either a combo solution, or a single solution.For example,If manufacturers want to ship the product with "USB Super Link" solution only, just need to delete the sub-directory "VirtualNetwork", vice versa, if manufacturers want to shipproduct with "USB Virtual Network" solution only , just need to remove sub-directory"USB Super Link". Or, keep both sub-directories for a combo solution release. 2.How to configure multilingual support ? M5632 Software Package supports multiple languages. The following notes tell manufacturers how to configuremultilingual support. Open "info.txt" file under sub-directory "share"Search the following statementsSupportedLanguageID=0409,0404,0804,0411 DefaultLanguageID=0409 These statements mean this release supports four languages, 0409,0404,0804,0411.( 0804: Traditional Chinese ) ( 0404: Simplified Chinese ) ( 0409: English ) ( 0411: Japanese ) The language support is configurable.For example, if manufacturer only want to support English version, the statements will be modified as SupportedLanguageID=0409 DefaultLanguageID=0409

Supported Operating System:

Windows All

Running requirements

Need not extra requirement except the OS environments mentioned above.


Please check the license above, if this is a freeware, it will be no limitation, else it may have the days or times limitation, please read the specifications attached with the download file carefully.

Tested virus free - ALI USB VirtualNetwork/SuperLink drivers has been tested to be a safe driver on Jul 10, 2012.

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